Cavendish To Resume With Gent Race

Great news for Cavendish fans who have been missing the star rider in action for the past few weeks given serious injury issues. The Omega Pharma rider has finally declared to get back to the track with Gent 6 Day race that is slated for coming November.

The Manxman unfortunately met with a bad crash during the opening stages if 2014 Tour France that led to a bad shoulder dislocation. However, he competed in Tour I’Ain at Augusta as well as in Tour Poitu-Charentes & Brutain Tour post the injury but was never fully recovered.  In the Britain Tour he was very narrowly beaten at sprint finish during final stage.

The leading rider, who triumphed with Madison world gold in the years 2005 & 2008, would be racing with Omega team mate Keisse (Iljo).

The 29-year-old rider last competed in the event 7 years back in 2007. He was about to take part last year in 2013 but it was Patrick Lefevre, his team chief, who prevented his attempts. Levevre had his own justifications in preventing the Manxman from taking part in Gent race last year -and he stressed that he did that to prevent Mark from picking up a serious injury which might leave him out from road action.

“It’s true that it was me who denied Mark the permit to take part in 6-day race”, remarked the Omega boss while approached about his denial to Cavendish’s participation in the race . “We pay Cavendish for performing on road & he should allot full concentration on that chiefly.

However, post the Tour France injury this year, the leading Omega Pharma rider has been really keen to get back to boards as soon as possible. At Britain Tour, Sir Wiggins even revealed that Cavendish had requested him to race in National Madison race with him.

Australian Cycling Gets A Renovation At The Base

Australian cycling is currently going through the roughest patch. Once it was the most famous team of competitive cycling and was the richest of all. The times changed and the board of cycling in Australia found themselves in a trouble of getting bankrupt soon. The board had to postpone the practise for Olympics due to lack of funds. Recently the authorities went a revamp as most of the members got changed including the president of the board. The board of control of cycling in Australia also got a special funding of 2 million Australian dollars. This fund will be helping them preparing for the upcoming Olympics.

Meanwhile the Australian cycling not only got some funds from the investors but even the board members were changed. The Ex- president of International Cricket Council Malcolm Speed will now be handling the sport in the country. He will be replacing the outgoing president Gerry Ryan. Speed will be having work in hand of meeting the new members of board and bank. This newly formed board has a task of working together in bringing good governance in order to bring out a method of fund raising. This is essential as more funds will be helping the Australians come equivalent to Britain team.

Gerry Ryan not only stepped down from the Australian cycling board but he is also stepping down from the top post of his pro cycling team. He will be with the team with the aim of finding a new CEO. While talking to press he said that once CA too faced financial crisis and got over it. He also stated that if this cycling was a business and not a sport then it would have been shut down a long time earlier. Now it will be interesting to see whether the new born board can bring Australian cycling out of trouble.

Geraint Thomas clinches gold in the Commonwealth games

Geraint Thomas won the Commonwealth games in style as he clinched gold for Wales which was the road race in Glasgow on the final day. Thomas had won bronze in the time-trial, triumphing in torrential rain and covering 168 kilometres and 12 laps on an undulating course which was a strenuous race of cycling.

He completed the Tour de France suffering punctures of the front wheels as his rivals came nearer. He was the solo man finishing the race leading by a minute and 21 seconds. Kennaugh kept on discussing with Cavendish, who in the third lap leaned out of the car and the rider’s riding being questioned as he kept on riding alone crossing the barriers of rain and wind.

He also avoided an umbrella blowing up in the wind but his lead was shortened as the teams of Australia shared the chase. Thomas, Thwaites and Bauer counter attacked the Manxman. The three men charged up with the resonance of the bell and it was 14 kms which decided the placing on the podium. Thomas charged in early, accelerating his way towards St Vincent Street in the final ascent. Though the drama for Thomas continued who had to take in the change of front wheel which proved long in the moments of closing.

The good thing which gave him advantage was that the Welshman had built up a strong lead which could take in the losses and still could go in to win the race. Out of the 139 riders it was just 14 of them who went up till the 12 laps of the last in terrible conditions and if anyone would have been late by 10 minutes then they would have been strictly eliminated out of each lap. Thomas proved his mettle once again.