Chris Hoy Tries Snow Biking

Sir Chris Hoy switches to cycling after motor racing or takes it just for fun.

Anyway, it made the news recently when he was recorded trying a bike with a ski attached to the front wheel. The Olympic champion was seen pedaling the bike in thick snow. This was definitely a novelty in the sports world where it was noted for the first time a snow bike that has ski attached to the front wheel and thick wheels that allow you to travel through the snow.

The trial of this novelty bike was not only a leisure trail as the Olympic champion decided to ride across the Antarctic region with the bike. This is an objective that the six time Olympic champion has set for himself. He has trained himself in Iceland accordingly. The clip that was shared on social media channels like Twitter, he was seen riding the fat bike that has oversized tires and a green ski that is attached to the front wheel. The back wheel slides from side to side, but the skis in front keep him steady.

Hoy was last active in the cycling circuits in the 2012 Olympics. Here he was the ambassador and led the Team GB when they walked out in the opening ceremony. Being the flag bearer gave him credence as he is the proud owner of several Olympic medals in his career. He even won gold in the 2012 events that were held at the Velodrome. Even though he has retired from active cycling circuits from 18th April 2013, Hoy is seen as a popular figure in different events and as was seen recently, seems that he is gearing up for a novel run of ice biking. Being a champion and having had several champion stints in different events, it is not hard to imagine him being successful in this feat.

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